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Need to Change or Repair Your Lock?

'YMS Locksmith' specializes in the installation of

new, high security locks for residential and commercial needs.


Are you interested in working with a professional locksmith service? We supply all the equipment and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job our clients have for us, no matter how big or small it may be.
YMS Locksmith' in San Jose CA is committed to providing consistently reliable service in a timely and professional manner.



Locks also suffer the ravages of time. A worn lock may stop responding appropriately to keys: when turned don't activate the lock mechanism, maybe it's slow or stuck. But if the lock is more or less new, it may be that it has been installed in the wrong way. Do not wait until a lock malfunction becomes a house lockout at the worst moment call Yms Locksmith in San Jose to concert a repair of locks.

The specialized technicians of Yms Residential Locksmith in San Jose will make a quick review and will be able to determine if your lock can be repaired. But if your lock is broken beyond repair, the locksmith will advise you on what to do and help you choose a replacement lock that meets the security needs of your home before making the lock change.

A trained technician like those who are part of the staff of Yms Locksmith in San Jose will need about 20 to 30 minutes to repair your lock. This estimated time may vary depending on the model and type of lock and the damage it has suffered. Sometimes it is something as simple as readjusting the strike plate, but in other occasions they can include changing some internal component of the cylinder or the lock. Some of the most common problems in locks that can be repaired are:


-  Breaking a key in the lock. A bend key or maybe a wrong key forced in a lock can broke. Our professional locksmiths can extract it without affect the lock integrity.

- Stuck deadbolt: internal parts can be misaligned, causing a deadbolt that doesn't fit in the strike plate. It's small and simple repair.

- Turning lock cylinder: you try to unlock the door, but the cylinder just turns around. This happens because the setscrews that held it in place are broken or loose.

- Slow door lock: when you turn the key, the lock responds turning slowly and heavy. Your lock can be frozen, but it can be dirty or have am internal mechanic issue. The technicians will oil and clena all parts to make It move smoothly again.


Repairing a lock can be much cheaper than replacing it with a new one, so if you are facing a lock malfunction rigth now the best option is to call Yms Locksmith in Los Angeles, the best locksmith services. Not all locks can be repaired, but if the problem has a solution, you can be sure that our technicians will find it.

Do not ignore a lock that is malfunctioning, this can not only become a house lockout, but because a broken lock is a way to compromise your home and your family safety. In addition, a minor problem that could be fixed quickly can become over time something worst that can not be repaired and will require a lock replacement, which is more expensive.

At Yms Locksmith | San Jose Locksmith Service we look for the best option for our customers. We try to come to affordable, efficient and easier solutions, but sometimes it is not possible to make a perfect repair of your lock, it may be very worn or damaged components can not be replaced. In that case it will be necessary to make a house lock change.

Lock replacement service

There are two possible scenarios that will call for a change of a lock: the lock has been damaged beyond repair or it's necessary update an ancient lock for a more modern one, which offers a better level of security. No matter what the reason, you can call Yms who can offer a fast, affordable and efficient lock change service.

The technicians of Yms Locksmith have the experience and skill to make house lock replacements, but they will also be able to offer you advice, in order to help you to choose the best option to protect your home. Not all locks are the same nor do they work for all spaces, so it is worth having the opinion of a true expert.

If your locks are very old, then it is worth investing in upgrading that security system, preferably to a quality lock. Our technicians can deal with all brands and types, for internal and main doors.

- Mortice locks
- Latch
- Rim mortice locks
- Euro cylinder deadlocks
- Rim cylinder Nightlatch
- Euro profile cylinders
- Among many others

Even if you are thinking about replacing your lock for a keyless system, like a pad to enter a PIN or combination, you can call to Los Angeles Yms Locksmith. We offer the most comprehensive and wide array of options to enhance your home security.


House lock replacement can take between 20 to 30 minutes. It can take even less time if a damaged lock is being replaced by another one that is exactly the same. But it can take more time if you want to completely change the type of locks, as this may imply that minor modifications to the door are needed.


Yms Locksmith technicians in San Jose and Los Angeles are trained to make a clean and smooth job. Your doors will not be affected during the locks change process. They are skilled enough to know how to handle and change different types of lock replacements. You can be sure that your door will be in perfect condition after the replacement.

If you are in need of a lock repair or lock replacement, just call Yms and request a quote. Check by yourself: our rates are the lowest in the market and trust the experience, preparation and discretion of the Yms Locksmith team. If you are looking for a reliable locksmith service in San Jose for lock change services or any residential locksmith, do not hesitate to contact us. We are your best option.

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