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Locked Out of Your Car?

'YMS Locksmith' in San Jose specializes in 

Car Emergency Lockouts 24/7

We get this service done quickly in approximately 15 minutes and efficiently by the experts here at 'YMS Locksmith' in San Jose with no damage to your lock or door. We understand how important it is to feel confident and be worry-free when it comes to the Local locksmith services you need. Our dedicated staff invests the time and energy necessary to be well prepared even for unique circumstances or special concerns that our clients may have in emergency situations.

Car Lockout

It's a typical day: you can be ready to go home after a long day or just be about to go somewhere and then realize that you don't have your car keys or that you can't open the car. Either because you have lost the keys, accidentally left them inside the trunk or inside the car cabin, it only takes a call to get back on the road in a heartbeat. Call Yms Locksmith in San Jose, the experts in car lockout service.

Car lockouts happen all the time, no matter what kind of vehicle you have. Even with modern key fobs with a proximity sensor, because those keys can be easily lost. Don't worry, Yms Locksmith have all the tools and experience to solve a car lockout, regardless of the circumstances in which it occurs. The procedure that our skilled technicians will follow to open your car will depend on the way in which the car lockout occurred.

Keys locked in car:
If you left your keys locked in car, the procedure to open the door will depend on the model of your car. Most of the time the locksmith will be able to lock pick the lock and open it without needing to damage the lock to retrieve the keys. Sometimes, there'd be more tools but the result will be the same: an open door without any damage or hassle.

Yms Locksmith in San Jose works only with certified technicians, who got many years of experience and who will be able to open the doors of your car without causing any damage. They know by heart all the security systems of the cars and will know what exact procedure they must follow to open it.

Locked Keys in trunk
Most of the calls we receive start with an "I locked my keys in the trunk". Believe us, this is an accident that can happen at any time. Don't fret, Yms Auto Locksmith technicians can easily recover your keys from the trunk by opening one of the doors of the vehicle. Many models of cars have an internal latch that allows the opening of the trunk. Some car doesn't have this lever, and they'll will have to work directly with the trunk lock, but do not worry, because our technicians have years of experience and the right tools to open it.

It is important to emphasize that you should not try to open the trunk lock by yourself, because in many cases this can activate the vehicle's security systems. If you have left the car keys inside the trunk, the best thing you can do is call Yms Automotive Locksmith immediately, who will handle the situation quickly and efficiently.

Lost or Stolen Keys
If your keys have completely disappeared, do not fear. Yms Locksmith in San Jose and Los Angeles have the best equipment to make duplicates of your vehicle keys immediately. We can cut keys, program new fobs and smart keys. We work with all brands and models of vehicles. There are five styles of keys that a vehicle can use, and we carry all of them:

- Standard keys, the usual ones. This is typical of older models.
- Transponder keys, with an internal chip that sensor in your car will recognize.
- Switch-blade keyless: a fob that controls door locking, but with a key that slides out to start the ignition.
- Smart keys: fob with proximity sensors, which opens the doors when close and a push button start.

Yms Locksmith has specialized technicians who can provide you with a new key, you just need to inform them of your car model and in a heartbeat they will be at your side ready to make the replacement. If your car keys have been stolen, our auto locksmiths in San Jose will be able to even replace the lock or rekeying it as a security measure.

Broken key
An old, twisted or battered key can break inside the ignition cylinder or inside any lock of your car. In these cases you just need to make a call to Yms Locksmith. Our skilled technicians will remove the key without causing any damage to the lock or the ignition cylinder.

Yms offers a comprehensive service, as it will not only take care of removing the broken key, but will be able to make a replacement immediately from the broken key. In this way you can return to the road in a short time.

Car Lock or key malfunction
The locks of the cars also wears and can break down, the same happens with the keys and key fobs. At some point your key can refuse to open the vehicle. If you call Yms Locksmith, you can count on the immediate support of specialized technicians who will check and diagnose and repair the lock or key of your car, and if necessary, they can make a replacement.


A lockout is a real emergency, a stressful situation that must be addressed in the shortest possible time. Yms Locksmith understands this and therefore offers a quick response. When you have been locked out of your car, you can be sure that you can count on the presence of Yms Locksmith a few minutes after making the call. We have a team always ready to come to your side.


Calling Yms Locksmith San Jose Locksmith instead of your car dealership offers many advantages. Not only do we offer better prices, but we can offer roadside assistance for everything related to car locksmith. Regardless of the time or place where you are, we will arrive to solve your problems. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have been stranded in the middle of nowhere, we will be able to reach you to provide all the necessary support. If you are looking for a locksmith in San Jose, just call us to have the experts for car lockout.

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