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Automotive Locksmith

Car keys, Ignition repair, Program car key?

'YMS Locksmith' specializes in all automotive solutions


Yms Locksmith in San Jose is concerned to stay updated in everything related to the automotive locksmith in San Jose area, because this is the only way to guarantee a quality service. We are ready to answer your calls and resolve any problem related to auto locksmith. We are fast, efficient and responsible, without a doubt the best auto locksmith in San Jose.

Yms Locksmith Auto Locksmith in San Jose have an immediate response team that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We'll go wherever you are in the San Jose and Los Angeles area with a professional staff trained to offer impeccable service and the best response times. We understand that an emergency must be addressed immediately, so you can be confident that your problem will be addressed as soon as possible by a team of qualified technicians, certified, bonded and insured.


Car Lockouts:
Keys lost, left inside the car trunk or broken, no matter the cause, Yms Locksmith in San Jose technicians are prepared to open your car in record time, without causing any damage to the lock or vehicle. Our staff have the skills, the most modern tools and a vast knowledge about cars, ready to face any security system, regardless brand or model.

Trunk lockouts:
Leaving the keys inside the trunk is one of the most common causes to call a San Jose auto locksmith. This has turned us into true experts to attend this kind of emergencies. Our technicians will go wherever you are, at any time, and can open the trunk of your car in the shortest time possible. You will return to the road faster than you imagine.

Car key extraction:
A key in poor condition and/or a bit of applied strength is enough to break a key in the door lock or in the ignition cylinder. Our technicians at Yms Locksmith in have the tools and expertise necessary to make a smooth car key extraction, without affecting the lock or the ignition cylinder. Don't try to extract your broken key, just call Yms Locksmith and leave it to the professionals.

Car key replacements:
Did you lost your keys? Is our key broken? Do you require a backup? Then contact directly Yms Locksmith San Jose Locksmith who will be able to make an accurate copy of your keys, even if you do not have the original key. We work with all kinds of keys, from traditional blade keys  to smart keys, of all models and brands. We have emergency services, but we can also make backup copies.

Key Fob Replacements
Modern keys, which work with proximity sensors and often accompany cars with push button ignition systems, are usually very safe but can be easily lost. Making a replacement with car dealership is possible, but the prices are quite high. Yms Locksmith offers key fob replacements of any brand at the best prices in the market. We carry all makes and models of cars. We can replace your key fob or make a backup in record time.

Transponder key programing
Since the 90's it is required that the keys of the cars have a double security system: a key combined with a chip stored inside the plastic part, which is recognized by the sensor of the car and allows the engine to start. This is known as Transponder key.

If the car key stops working, it is possible that the transponder chip has been deprogrammed and need to be programmed again. If you require a new copy of your key to replace a lost or damaged one, you will need to program it. Yms Locksmith, San Jose Locksamith has the necessary technical equipment to make a programming of transponder keys effective and fast. We carry all brands and models.




Yms Locksmith offers comprehensive services that encompass more than emergency services and roadside assistance. We are able to meet all your requirements regarding ignition cylinders.

Ignition repair
The ignition system is one of the most important parts of your vehicle, as on it depends the proper functioning of the engine starting process. In fact, many mechanical problems related to ignition are wrongly attributed to the electrical part, when they are caused by issues in the ignition cylinder.

If your car has issues when starting the engine, it shuts down or does not respond immediately when the key is turned, it may be due to a damaged ignition system. At Yms Locksmith we have the qualified personnel and the necessary tools to make the diagnosis and repair of all ignition problems that your vehicle may have.

Ignition replacements
If the key has broken inside the ignition cylinder and damaged its internal structure or if, after a thorough check, it has been determined that the ignition cylinder is damaged beyond repair, it is likely to require an ignition replacement.

Each car has a different structure and system, so there are few car locksmiths capable of attending this situation, but at Yms

 Locksmith we have certified and expert professionals who will make ignition replacement quickly and effortless.

Rekey ignition
If you have lost your car keys or believe that a copy of these may have fallen into the wrong hands, then you can benefit from a rekey ignition. Through this process the ignition cylinder of your car is reconfigured to work with a completely different key, without the need to replace it. This disables the above keys and can keep your car safe without investing too much money in a replacement.

Yms Locksmith is the family locksmith company operate in San Jose and Los Angeles area that has trained personnel, the best equipment and the objective of offering a personalized, fast and effective service at the best prices. In case of emergency call Yms Locksmith, your best choice of auto locksmith.

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